James Z. Li, CEO of E. J. McKay: Norway renews economic cooperation with China

Shanghai. April 7, 2017, from the center of Shanghai, Mr. James Li, the CEO of E. J. McKay, an investment bank specialized in cross-border transactions with focus on Europe and China, was interviewed by journalist Jacob Trumpy of Dagens Næringsliv.

Before the normalization between China and Norway, it was almost out of the question for Chinese SOEs to visit Norway.

James: for the management in Chinese SOEs, it has not been possible to consider acquisitions in Norway. They could attend meetings, knowing no deal would be made. It could potentially create conflict for the owners or the government. Now, the situation is changed. Norway is a hot topic within the inner circles.

DN: why are they interested in Norway?

James: Norway is known for the strong rule of law. Norwegians are also known for being quick decision makers. This can be somewhat different to other Nordic countries like Sweden and Finland.

To illustrate Mr. Li adds, «last year I travelled from Finland feeling that the business atmosphere there was a little bit weak. I then went to the Theater Cafe in Oslo and felt a great atmosphere everywhere».