E. J. McKay CEO believes it is a right time to invest in China

Dalian Summer Davos. Dalian, China. July 1-3, 2019 E. J. McKay CEO believes it is a right time to invest in China, especially in the area of consumption upgrades and technologies.

Discussing with Dalian TV, and asked about whether the M&A business is impacted by the macro-economic conditions, James Li said, certain economic impact is felt across the firm, investment decisions are influenced by sentiment. When decision makers are uncertain about economic prospects, they are reluctant to make investment decisions.  However, with the more rational valuation expectations, this is in fact a good time to invest in China.

He also noted certain foreign companies exits from China, and the buyers tend to be Chinese companies. He believes the Chinese buyers are getting good deals, as the exit sellers tend to sell at discounts, which benefits the buyers.

Recently, the issuance of the 5G license has led to the rally of many 5G concept stocks. James Li thinks that companies with core 5G technologies and data are great investments, in addition, the retailers, especially those who deliver the last mile products and services to consumers, stand to profit from 5G Technology.

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