E. J. McKay speaks at Slush Shanghai on innovation and creativity comparing Chinese and Western startups

Shanghai, October 13, 2017—The Slush Shanghai event gathered over 3,000 attendees from 50 countries, including 300 startups, 150 investors and 80 media, with a theme “Trust the Different”, aiming to unite people with different backgrounds to kick off in-depth collaborations and to amplify the importance of being unique and creative.

James Li, Chairman of E. J. McKay, addressed an audience of startup founders, investors and friends in the annual Slush Shanghai conference, in which he spoke about the differences and similarities between Chinese entrepreneurs and Western entrepreneurs, sharing his perspectives on intellectual properties, patents, and know-how. During the key note speech, he said, “many Chinese investors judge the depth of a business’s IP by the number of patents it files; in many European companies, however, true IP can lie far beyond filed patents, but exist in the form of know-how, which permeates the entire organization”.

About Slush

Slush is a global startup and venture capital event which originated in Helsinki, Finland in 2008, and has now spread its network and activities globally. E. J. McKay is a strategic partner of Slush China. www.slush.org